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Catherine Mulders-Walch 

Senior Executive Research Consultant


 Contact on                               cell phone 0475/831186           


 My clients are Search Consultancy companies and I serve them for their   Executive Search projects. My professional services are including :


  - Meeting with Search Partner in your office; to discuss job description, information about potential profiles, client information, criteria for identifications, off-limits data, level of confidentiality, ..

  - Identifying profiles and reporting in Excel  (names, titles, social media links,...)

  - Contacting selected potential profiles first via linkedin inmail invitations; second, by email with introduction to opportunity and suggesting to set a call. Calling interested profiles; sending by email copy of job description, company information, etc ..  NDA process added if needed.

  - Exchanging relevant information with selected potential candidates, validating some required criteria. Requesting copies of updated resumes from candidates who would like to pursue discussion about this opportunity with the Search Partner, my client.

  - Forwarding by email all information gathered and resumes to the Search Partner

  - Sending by email a “Weekly Researcher Status Excell Report” to Search Partner with all names, titles, email address, phones, notes and linkedin/Xing/Viadeo direct links.


A week of mandate includes 25 hours of services for 1 opportunity to search.

My hours are spread with flexibility in the week.


 I offer Research consultancy - for a week of identifications/mapping; - for 3 weeks   combining identifications, contacts and exchanges of documents; - for 4 weeks   combining identifications, NDA, contacts, exchanges of documents, in Belgium or   other EU countries.

 All my Research work is done at my home office.

 Details, fees and conditions are set at the start of our agreement contract.