Jean Philippe Mulders | Catherine Mulders-Walch | Senior HR Consultants

Executive Search Consultant  & Talent Search

American University Internship Consultant

Senior Executive Search Consultant, working with Search Consultants (companies) in Europe, since 2001.

Expertise in C-level profiles, selection, contacting, networking, first interviews. Executive recruitment projects. Talent acquisition. Market Intelligence Search/ Mapping.

Senior Internship Consultant working for internship programs at the American University in Brussels. Coordination between academic interests of students, final studies, majors and internship opportunities in Brussels (EU institutions or NATO related, NGO’s, think thanks,...), 
since 2003.

- Marketing, PR and Communication experiences from past positions :

- 1994- 2001 - Brussels Relocation as a Partner, Associé Actif

- St John's International - PR and Admissions Director

- Press Attaché - BBL Switzerland (Lausanne, Geneva)

 - Marketing Support Specialist - IBM Switzerland and IBM Belgium